Alternatives to Parking at Manaus Amazonas Airport

After the City of Manaus, Amazonas revoked the license of the parking Eduardo Gomes International Airport , the Brazilian Company of Airport Infrastructure ( Infraero ) is studying what to do.

The permit was revoked by the Municipal Finance ( Semef ) and Infraero informed last Friday, the same day that the ombudsman announced he would personally monitor the withdrawal of turnstiles , as promised for Monday.

After winning the bid, Infraero , the Comatic Trade and Services operated airport parking since January . Earlier in the year , the company had been cited for disobeying the Law 1752/13 , the Law of Fractional Parking. This required the first half hour to be free parking, which was not practiced.

So the license was revoked.

Is Manaus Amazonas Industrial Growth Doomed?

Brazil’s Congress is debating whether to extend or stop tax breaks for industries in Manaus Amazonas. Dozens of multinationals have opened factories in Manaus.

For example – Harley Davidson where  every 11.5 minutes, a motorcycle is built in Manaus, Amazonas.

As reported by Christian Science Monitor…

Power drills hang like jungle vines above work stations at the factory here, and there’s an ever present buzz as workers bolt engines into black steel bike frames and install cranks and shocks and shiny chrome parts as the bikes move along the assembly line. At the end of the line, employees pack finished motorcycles in brown cardboard boxes and ship them 900-miles down the Amazon River for distribution in the nation’s more populous southern cities. 

The factory, which opened in 1998 and was the company’s first plant outside the United States, epitomizes the Brazilian government’s use of tax breaks to lure investors to this sleepy jungle port. Since the free trade zone was created in 1967, some 600 national and international manufacturing outfits from Samsung to Coca-Cola to Siemens have moved in.

Full story HERE

World Cup in Manaus Amazonas

Manaus Amazonas is host to some of the top world cup soccer games.

As one of the most remote places, it poses special challenges to the organizers.

Roberio Braga, secretary of culture for the state of Amazonas said, “We’ll have more tourists at one time than Manaus has ever seen. So we’re planning 1,200 special events.”

Hopefully most of the interest will be on the field. Unfortunately, Manaus gained unwanted attention late last year when British media and the England football team manager questioned the wisdom of holding games here. England will take on Italy in the city on June 14, and the United States plays Portugal on June 22.

England manager Roy Hodgson initially said he would like to avoid playing in Manaus because of the heat and humidity. The Daily Mirror called it a “crime-ridden hellhole” and complained of the cost and difficulty of getting to the city, more than 700 miles inland from the Atlantic.

As a lover of the rainforest and supporter of Manaus, as well as being born in England, we support everyone in Manaus and hope for a great series of games.

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Seventh FIAM, Amazon International Fair, November 2013

The seventh running of the Amazon International Fair ( FIAM ) is scheduled for the 27th to 30th November at Studio 5 Convention Center.

For the first time, the Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises of Amazonas ( Sebrae -AM ) will also partner with the Superintendent of the Manaus Free Zone ( SUFRAMA ) in organizing the Day International Seminars .

According to the general coordinator of Trade Promotion SUFRAMA , Jorge Vasques , the International Day Seminar 2013 will feature seven themes :

  • Innovation , Development and Technology ;
  • Mineral Sector Oil and Gas in the Amazon ;
  • Business Opportunities Cup ;
  • Design;
  • Logistics in Panamazônia ;
  • Aquaculture in the Amazon , and
  • Solutions Intelligent Systems for the Preservation of Forests .

Among the agencies that have already confirmed their partnership in the seminars, are the German institute Fraunhofer ENAS ( Nanointegração Electronic Systems ) , responsible for the seminar MINAPIM ( Micro and Nanotechnology for the Industrial Pole of Manaus ), the State Secretariat of Mining and Geodiversity Water Resources ( SEMGRH ) , with the seminar on the mining sector of oil and gas in the Amazon , and the Executive Secretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture ( Sepa ) , an agency of the Department of Rural Production in Amazonas ( Sepror ) , with the seminar on aquaculture . ” The National Institute for Amazonian Research ( INPA ) , the Federal University of Amazonas ( Ufam ) , State University of Amazonas ( UEA ) , the State Secretariat for Economic Planning and Development ( Seplan ) Company and State of Amazonas Tourism ( Amazonastur ) also will work directly in the development of the talks , “said Vasquez .

Other items of schedule VII FIAM partners that already have defined are the Business Roundtable Tourism , scheduled for November 29 , which will feature support from Amazonas Convention & Visitors Bureau ( ACVB ), the Business Lounge Creative , the over the Amazon Biotechnology Center ( CBA ) on days 28 and 29 , and the Workshop on Business Brazil Trade , coordinated by the International Business Center ( IBC ) , the Federation of Industries of the State of Amazonas ( Fieam ) and the Brazilian Agency for Promotion exports and Investments ( Apex – Brazil ) , which will take place on the 29th.

Besides collaborating in the organization of the International Day of Seminars , the Sepa / AM also coordinate the 5th Business Meeting Aquaculture and bring the National Symposium on Aquaculture to be held during the four-day schedule of FIAM , the Novotel .

The schedule also includes a FIAM 2013 event on public policy, in partnership with the German Society for International Cooperation ( GIZ ) , the 29th , from 8:30 to 17h at Studio 5 , and visits from special guests at the Polo Industrial companies Manaus ( PIM ) during the event.

The Business Roundtable , held in all editions of FIAM , will again with support from Sebrae -AM . In the edition of 2011 were U.S. $ 13.1 million generated during the event , with significant demand for the segments of crafts, food and drinks. Accumulated in all the fairs held , the amount raised was $ 72.8 million .

Pass for the future

Promoted by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade ( MDIC ) , through SUFRAMA the Amazon International Fair ( FIAM ) reaches its seventh edition with the slogan ” Move to the Future ” , a reference to the prospects of prolongation of model Manaus Free Zone ( MFZ ) until 2073 while making an allusion to the FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil in 2014 and has Manaus as one of the host cities of the games .

This year, the fair will feature new architectural design being developed by the company JC Viana and should be finalized in the first half of September . The format of the show will continue with the main pavilion , bringing together the major brands of the Industrial Pole of Manaus ( PIM ) , as well as foundations , banks , federations, Member of the Legal Amazon , the countries of South America and also a space dedicated exclusively to innovation ; Amazon pavilion with 1,200 square meters of exhibit space only for marketing that presents the products of entrepreneurs using feedstock Amazon ; pavilion Plenary , with exposure of the State of Amazonas and the participation of ministries and ministerial representatives , as well as companies consulting , and salon glazing , which shall have an exhibition of Venezuela , due to the process of trade integration between the Brazilian and the North South Venezuelan that is underway with SUFRAMA .

Full Details –> at

In English:

Carnaboi Carnival in Manaus, Amazonas

Every year in Manaus there is a very popular festival called carnaboi. It takes place in June.


Thousands of people honor the feast of carnaboi. This month long festival has local, national and international recognition. It takes place in the Sambadrome , along the avenue Pedro Teixeira. Supported by the state government of Amazonas and the secretary of culture , the carnival provides a great show at the city of Manaus.

The samba schools display their floats – colorful and lively with their magnificent costumes. People attracted to sambódramo follow the music with their fans, singing along with the samba schools .

In future posts we will feature the mythology and folklore of Amazonas which is depicted in the carnival.

FIFA Announces Manaus Nearly Ready To Welcome The World

As preparations for the World Cup continue and tickets go on sale, things are heating up in the cities hosting the games. Manaus, Amazonas just had its turn with the delegation from FIFA and otheres visited Manaus, AM

The first post-FIFA Confederations Cup stadium inspection tour drew to a close in Manaus on Tuesday. The delegation made up of members of FIFA, the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and the Brazilian Ministry of Sport visited the Arena Amazonia, which will host four 2014 FIFA World Cup™

The visit began at Arena Amazonia. An enthusiastic welcome was given by those working on the stadium. Later in the day,  hundreds of high school students from the Greater Manaus area, gave the group a very warm welcome at a school in the Iranduba district. fixtures next year.

Full report HERE